September 17, 2012

2012 NFL Replacement Officials Responsib...

When the number of missed calls becomes higher than the number of missed assignments, true penalties and bad coaching calls...then let's get out the torches and pitch forks. Leave these guys alone and let them do their best.

August 16, 2012

Favorite quotes from "Answer to Conformity"

I typically don't follow a train of topics when it comes to reading books.  My reading list the last 2 years has consisted of finding a books at a yard sale or antique mall.  I'll usually start reading them on a vacation and finish them a month later.  My recent read is no exception, as I had found it at an antique mall in Colorado. It was called "Answer to Conformity", written by Perry Epler Gresham.

I won't do a review of all my comments, but I wanted to share the medley of quotes that I found interesting.

Pg 30 - "As nations attempt to play God in the lives of people by offering the security of welfare and asking the absolute devotion of their constituent peoples, they are going beyond the bounds of appropriate functions."

Pg 35 - "When a person has unused abilities, he accumulates unlived life."

Pg 59 - "A genuine appetite for righteousness is the basis for managing guilt."

Pg 60 - "The divine resource of the Father in heaven who loves sinners and forgives their sins is the ultimate security of everyman."

Pg 62 - "It is good to possess as much of the world's goods as one can if his sense of responsibility matches his holdings."

Pg 72 - "...the person who takes the initiative tends to develop the stronger emotion."

Pg 101 - "Plain living and high thinking are the scholarly ideals available alike to prince and pauper."

Pg 104 - "The present tendency to take the responsibility for management of economic security away from the individual and the family and give it to the state has a tendency to rob persons of the very qualities of self-reliance that give them the human dignity which ennobles man."

Pg 110 - "The attitude with which one approaches sleep is very important.  A clear conscience is just as essential as a comfortable mattress; spiritual trust is as necessary as physical weariness."

Pg 111 - "Henry Ward Beecher gave his preaching a practical turn when he said, 'There are many troubles you cannot cure by the Bible and hymn book, but you can cure by a good perspiration and a breath of fresh air.'"

Pg 118 - "Enough energy to tackle any situation should be the common lot, but the average person lacks the will or power to translate his knowledge into redeeming action."

Pg 124 - "A hobby is anything we go goofy about to keep from going nuts about things in general." Unknown Author

Pg 137 - "Singleness of purpose, giving emphasis to a major goal which subordinates all minor goals, is the path to inner peace and outer integrity."

Pg 141 - "To overestimate one's power and position brings on Promethean tragedy.  To underrate oneself limits achievement and prevents self-realization."

Pg 143 - "Until a person begins to organize his activities toward a projected goal, he merely daydreams in the midst of his several personalities."

Pg 149 - "The parent who can love without coddling, nurture without domination, guide without coercing, develop without forcing, inpsire, encourage and set a good example is rare.  Yet everyone who has a child must face up to this tremendous demand."

Pg 156 - "Lavish love is vastly more important than the lavish gift."

Pg 159 - "Church families much less frequently run aground on the rocks of divorce."
I saved this quote only for its pure falsehood today.

Pg 171 - "Unfortunately many potential radiant personalities are blighted by preoccupation with their shortcomings and feelings of inferiority until the possible person is never actualized."

Pg 182 - "The person who has honestly faced the possibility is somewhat better prepared to meet the eventuality."

August 13, 2012

When helping someone isn't compassion or sacrifice.

When you help someone else...that's compassion and sacrifice. Why? Because you gave your own time, money or talents.

When your charity or church helps someone is less personal, but that's still compassion and sacrifice. Why? Because you gave your time, money or talents to your charity or church.

When your government helps someone else...that is NOT compassion or sacrifice. Why? Because the government can only sacrifice the time, money and talents of their constituents through taxation.

One system will fix many of our country's woes, the other will bankrupt us.

September 28, 2011

Assume a good client, end up with a bad client.

The adage goes that when you assume, you make an "ass" of "u" and "me." But I'm here to confess that when I assume, I only make an "ass" of, or "uuuuu" "me"...hillbilly inflection implied.

I recently learned how flawed my assumptions are from someone I met at church.

After befriending a gentleman at a regular men's meeting, we discussed the prospects of me redoing his website. I learned about his love of music, his successes in the industry and his desires for the website. After further discussions, this gentleman and I came to a verbal agreement that I would rehaul it for $500, which covered roughly 10 hours worth of work. I didn't require this gentleman to sign any form of contract because he's generally a nice guy, relatively well known and I met him at church. But making assumptions based on those things were a huge mistake on my part.

Here's why.

I began the work by taking photographs of him, creating mp3s of his music, writing code, integrating the site with Paypal, creating graphics, and of course emailing him the progress as often as necessary. His role during this time was to contact his current web administrator and provide me with access to his domain.

I completed 90% of the work required by October of 2010 and waited on him to fulfill his part to complete the rest. Then, for the next 11 months, there's nothing but silence or hem-hawing. I send emails, and questions, and invoices...still nothing. We finally met after all this time and again he said he'd get me the information, but the last 3 weeks have been exactly like the previous 11 months...nothing.

After agreeing to a $500 redo of his website, after 40 hours of work(not 10 as I first assessed), after 11 months of hem-hawing, after many emails, after still offering to finish this site....this gentleman continues to take advantage of my time and doesn't fulfill his promises. Only now do I get this.

So, what have I learned? What do I want others to learn from my experiences?

1. First and most importantly, don't assume you'll be treated fairly by a person you meet in church. Enough said. 

2. Value your own time and protect yourself against time lost. This means protecting yourself against those who don't value your time. One way of weeding out clients like these is to ask for money up front...not all of the money, ask for part of it. By asking for any of their money, you're asking for sacrifice on their part and sacrifice is hard. If you need to issue a contract to your clients, make sure you specify a payment schedule as well. "This amount of work is done" and "then this will be charged." 

3. If you allow a situation like this, business or otherwise, to go on for months...don't expect things to change.

So that's what I've learned.  Let me know your experiences and how you were able to weed out good clients from bad.  Share your comments here or on my facebook post.

August 3, 2011

Stop licking your fingers and then the fruit.

Okay, so this one is a little silly, but the idea has merit after hearing stories of E.coli on shopping carts and grocery bags and produce.

Now, most everyone knows that E.coli comes from unsanitary circumstances including babies in diapers and "old enoughs" not washing their hands like we've all been told.

Here's the setup. So, you're beeboppping through the produce section and you spot some red delicious apples you're ready to pick. What do you do? You grab one of those plastic bags off the role, you lick your fingers, you open the bag, you sort through 8 or so and then you pick your produce. STOP RIGHT THERE...HOLD UP. Did you read what I said? "You lick your sort through 8 or so." Now imagine the hapless father with the dirty diaper kid doing the same thing, or the old lady who smells like her 87 cats doing the same thing...sorting through after licking their fingers. YUUUCCCKKK! Time for a hand-sanitizing and tongue scrub break. Meet back here in 2 minutes.

Okay, good, you're back. Here's a really simple idea that could save supermarkets money by not having to purchase those "moist wells", save shoppers from having to lick and touch, and save us all the medical expenses associated with bad supermarket hygiene.

After pulling the plastic bag off the role, or off the rack if you're a bagger, simply touch one of the hundreds of grocery items that are already moist, and then open your bag. Fruits, vegetables, milk, frozen anything will all be moist.

Now you can't make the hapless father or cat lady follow this same rule, and there's no guarantee you won't still be carrying small amounts of their germs, but at least you won't be carrying it on your tongue.

July 12, 2011

Announcing the release of SignThe, an online signature generator.

I'm a simple guy. When I see something I like, I pursue it. When I see something I don't like, I pursue improving it. The same goes for how I approach any new project that I work on.

Recently I began developing an online application that allows users to create their own email signatures. What's different about this signature generator? It's simple to use, and creates a very simple email signature.

Here's a sample of what you can create.

July 11, 2011

Announcing the release of

nnouncingAog hetog eleaserog foog,Hog hetog utercog ndaog martersog ustomcog anguagelog enerator.gog

...or another way to put it...

nnouncingAay hetay eleaseray foay,Hay hetay utercay ndaay martersay ustomcay anguagelay

...or for those completely lost...

Announcing the release of, the cuter and smarter custom language generator.

January 22, 2011

ENDORSEMENT from Bill Wenning, Candidate for Mayor, City of Greensburg, Indiana

"Brack has put together my Campaign Website for the Political position of Mayor of Greensburg, Indiana. Not only did he put it together in a very timely fashion, he sought my vision on what I wanted my website to look and be like...and he delivered. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a firm presence on the web and I look forward to utilizing his services in the future."

Bill Wenning
Candidate for Mayor - Greensburg, Indiana
Current City Councilman - Greensburg, Indiana

January 7, 2011

Time to revisit an old website idea. Everysecond.Info

In August of 2007, I began working on a concept website that broke statistics down to seconds.  There were many websites out there at the time who gathered statistics, but none of them were fashioning them down to a recognizable time frame like the second.  The first installation of the concept was called "".  I had gathered statistics on a few items ranging from amount of money spent by the federal 1 second, to how much money was spent on 1 second.  That second one raised a few eyebrows. 

I had put the project aside to work on some other things, but always kept the concept in my head.  I picked it back up again, and renamed it  I hired someone to help do research, adding several more statistics, updated the graphics, etc.  Then it got shelved again because I couldn't focus so much time on a website that wasn't making an income for me and my family.  But I always kept the concept in my head.

Doing a little google searching this afternoon, I discovered that maybe the idea is catching on.  Here is a list of few of the citations has received...

A turkish( I think ) newspaper used in January 2010 was used in a poverty publication in August 2010.

Most recently a gentleman from The Plain Dealer in Cleveland has used these statistics in one of his articles.

So maybe its time to pick the idea back up.  I need to find some more help.  Got to go.

December 14, 2010

ENDORSEMENT from Dr. Charles Lake, Executive Director of Growth Ministries.

"Working with Brack on the creation of a website has been a most positive and pleasant experience. His patience and willingness to work with us has been remarkable. His rates are most reasonable and his promptness in progressing the work has been most commendable. We are very happy with his creativity, his knowledge of possibilities and most of all, the finished product."

Dr. Charles Lake, Executive Director
Growth Ministries