December 30, 2009

How to add "add to favorites" link to your website.

Whether you are a website developer or an avid internet user, at some point you will encounter the little link labeled, "Add To Favorites". It's a handy little tool that allows you to store a Universal Resource Locator or website address into your Favorites folder. 

Its a great little tool that helps with retaining visitors, so I went searching for solutions on how to add it to this website.  There were a lot of great solutions out there, including what had been done over at htmlgoodies. But it wasn't perfect. So, with a little adjustment here's a Blogger or Blogspot friendly version you can add to your html.

<a href='javascript:window.external.addfavorite(&quot;;, &quot;BrackWho&quot;)'>Add to Favorites</a>

Copy the code.  If you want it in your Blogger sidebar...
(1)Click Layout.
(2)Click Add a Gadget.
(3)Click HTML/Javascript.
(4)Paste the code into the big box.
(5)Change the bold green part to your website information.
(6)Click Save. And you're done.

If you want it at the bottom of each of your posts its a little more complicated, but manageable.
(1)Click Edit HTML.
(2)Click Expand Widget Templates.
(3)Search for the following line...

<div class='post-footer'>

...and paste the code just below it.
(4)Change the bold green part to your website information.
(5)Click Save Template.

It should look and function like this... Add to Favorites. Click it to test it out.

As a word of caution, I can see some online publishing programs trying to reformat the cutting and pasting of this code, so if you have troubles please contact me and I'll try to walk you through it.

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