December 23, 2009

Never wake a sleeping baby.

You might just get the cops called on you.

Last night I called the cops on some boys who were playing in the middle of the street and being loud...mind you it was 11:30pm and the temperature was about 20 degrees. At least one of the boys was a part of the "loud croud" the other night I feared would wake my 7 month old.

Turns out, they weren't doing anything all that bad, putting a wallet on the end of a fishing pole I think and tossing it into the middle of the street. Really, it was harmless, but these were the same boys who just 6 hours earlier were part of a group of boys throwing snowballs at cars as they drive by. So last night really was all I could take.

So I approached the boys, and of course they started for home. So I threw a quick question at them hoping it would stick and they would stay just long enough for the cops to arrive. Well the boys did stay, but only because they didn't understand my question, which was...."What good could you boys be doing at 11:30 at night?"

So the cop arrives and he asks them to approach the car. They just stand there, petrified. So the cop asks with a little stronger voice. The petrified feeling now was real fear. You could see it in there eyes. Heck, I think I might have peed a little. They finally approach the car and the cop asks the routine questions, "what are you doing?" "why are you out here?" A minute into the conversation, the mom strolls out and defends her son tooth and nail. "My son's not doing this, my son hasn't been doing that." The cop asks a very poignant question, which told me this wasn't his first night on the job. He asked, "How do you know they weren't doing this?" "Were you out here with them?" And of course she wasn't, she had just gotten out of the shower and was freezing to death in the 20 degree cold.

Anyway, to cut down on the story, the boys were obviously stunned and scared a little. Honestly, I don't think those kids really are bad kids. I think for some reason they are drawn to make really poor decisions that they don't realize will affect today, tomorrow and the rest of their lives.

I also don't think they realize how lucky they were, because if they had woken up our 7 month old......

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