December 25, 2009

That satisfying feeling after its all over.

You know the one.

The belly is full. The pajamas are on. Your favorite beverage is in hand. Maybe there's a good movie on and the kids are in bed. All these things are very satisfying, and if you top it off with knowing you don't have to be at work, now that is satisfaction.

My idea for you, right now, is to add one more aspect of the Christmas Day satisfaction? Why not consider that today, you can have total confidence that you are loved by God. Imagine it, the Creator of the Universe wants you to know and follow, now that is true satisfaction. Sigh!!!!

At our home, the paper is all over the floor, the toys have been played with for the first and last time, we've stuffed our faces with chocolate and cinnamon rolls, I kissed my wife, and my oldest son thanked God during lunch for a great Christmas.

I am satisfied!!! Merry Christmas.

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