December 24, 2009

Why not a "short and stocky" clothing store.

I went to our local Minear's Department store the other day to get fitted for a tux for a friend's wedding. Now, I wasn't shopping for clothes to buy, but typically I avoid most department stores altogether because of the disappointment I've experienced visiting most of those stores when I do go clothes shopping.

Typically what I find is a mix of inseams that are too long, or waists that were made for 14 year olds. It amazes me how incredibly difficult it is to find 32x28's, but somehow, the market for 43x28's is so in demand that I seem to find those everywhere. Sometimes I will find that perfect pair of jeans, but to look at the pricetag, would make the Kardashians become squeamish. Once, on a glorious day last summer, I was visiting my local Goodwill Store and just happened upon two pairs of Levis, that were one size too big in the waist, but the length was perfect. So I bought them and probably would have paid 3 times what I did because they were so close to what I wanted.

Anyway, as I was getting a very humbling dose of my measurements at Minears, I noticed in the back was a sign that read, "Big and Tall." It reminded me of an idea I had a while back for a short guys clothing store.

Now, why hasn't that business idea been picked up on? A "Short and Stocky" Men's Clothing Store. If you google, "Big and Tall" you'll receive a little over a million results with lots of apparral stores to choose from. Now, type in "Short and Stocky"...what do you get? Almost 700,000 results, Pit Bulls and no clothing stores that I could see on the first page. I know this isn't a perfect indication for market demands, but it does show that no one has seen success in this area. Maybe it could be you! If you think it is you....I'll be your first customer, my size again is 32x28.

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