January 4, 2010

Another use for an empty coffee container.

We always save our empty coffee containers and are looking for ways to use them. Here's a great idea my wife came up with. Maybe she should be doing this blog instead of me. She's busy, though, so you'll just have to put up with me.

The old containers were obviously metal, but recently many companies began packaging coffee grounds in plastic cans with a handle. It looks like your buying paint, but alas its just coffee. These sparked a little creativity in my wife as she put the fact that "kids break things" together with "kids are disorganized" and came up with a very simple solution to all those opened, half-broken crayons of all different sizes. Put them in one container.

These containers are easy to carry, easy to store, and easy to take with you in the car...although I would recommend leaving them in the car on those summer days.

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