January 13, 2010

Do you vent?

Want to save a few bucks on heat?
Just want a boost to your air temperature this season?
Simply would like for your house to more humid in winter?

Why not vent your electric dryer into your home?

One clothes dryer I researched vents 150 cubic feet per minute...that's about 6000 cubic feet of warm humid air for every 40 minute load of laundry...that's about 750 square feet of floorspace that most homes simply exhaust out the sides of their homes.

How much could this save you? Well, a quick search shows that in winter a descent furnace might cost you about $1/hour to operate. If you're able to accomplish half the cycles, then that's roughly $0.50 per load of laundry. Now, let's say you do 100 loads of laundry in winter...that would equal $50 bucks. And $50 bucks is $50 bucks.

I can't find anyone recommending you vent your dryer this way...probably because of air quality and humidity issues, but if you're not allergy prone and don't mind a little lent in your house it might save you a few bucks a year.


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