January 27, 2010

Forgot my baby spoon, oh crap.

The morning after our Alamo fiasco we woke up in the fog of a 3 hour time change. After starting a pot of coffee and watching a little news, everyone began to wake.

One of the first things we noticed was that we forgot a baby spoon for our 7-month-old. Have you ever tried to use a normal spoon to feed a baby. Yeah, it works, but not well. Its really hard to get that small amount of baby food on the lip like you need.

But wait a second, don't put that spoon in the dishwasher just yet. I found, that if you just turn it around, you can put a descent amount of baby food on the end of the handle. The spoon is probably metal, so be careful not to ram the spoon down the baby's throat.

Have a great vacation!

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