January 31, 2010

Forgot your laptop charger.

Sorry I've been away for a couple of days. We have had some family things come up that I wanted to give attention to.

Now on to another idea I had while we were in California.

I made the uber mistake of leaving my charger at home for my laptop. I had an almost fully charged 9 hour battery, but even that would be eaten up pretty quick. So I checked email sparingly, facebooked a little, and looked up a couple of California maps.

I did go to Radio Shack and Staples to check on buying a Universal Charger, but I didn't want to spend $100 on a charger that would only get used on trips. So I thought to myself, how nice it would be, to take my computer somewhere to get it fully charged...like a radio shack or best buy type place.

Now I know most folks look for this type of service to be free, but I really think you could charge a minimal fee and get people through the doors of your business. Or you could group this "free" service with the purchase of some other item. Either way, I think this could entice people into your store. Look at this way. Its a $100 investment for your company that could pay 10 times over in sales at the counter.


  1. sounds good, but a laptop battery can take more than an hour. would you feel compfortable leaving your private laptop somewhere for a charge?

  2. its a good point to make. honestly I didn't even consider the time involved with charging it. i suppose if there were charging stations at staples or best buy or wherever, I could certainly kill 30 minutes looking through their revenue supply. thanks devon.

  3. i'm just weird about other people having access to my comp. not that i have anything to hide, i like piece of mind in trying to limit access to my personal info. i'm sure some individuals would try to steal any personal info that is loaded on the comp. so i guess that is why i always purchase an extra battery :)

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