January 28, 2010

Left wanting more.

Before leaving for San Diego, I stopped at Walmart to pick up the latest issue of Indianapolis Monthly. I've seen the magazine in either a doctor's office or a dentist office, and vaguely remembered it having some pretty descent content about folks from my home state. I started reading it on the plane ride out, but didn't get to end until the plane ride home.

The first 40 pages took about 30 minutes to read, the next 30 about an hour and a half, and finally the last 30 pages took about 2 minutes. Why only two minutes, you ask? Because it was either an ad or a directory I could've gotten off the internet.

After getting home, I was curious. How much ad space is there? I took an hour, while watching "High School Reunion", and measured the ad space that the January 2010 issue contained. I was very generous in what I considered content and they still had 33% ad space. But the overall impression I still have is that the content was lacking.

So, here's an idea for your magazine business. How about producing more content to go along with ad space. Profound, right? Don't leave your readers thinking they have been jipped out of their hard earned money. Go beyond their expectations.

I will give the Monthly the proper respect for the content it does produce. 75% of the stories peeked an interest for me.

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