January 5, 2010

Popcorn, an alternative to packing peanuts.

If you've ever dabbled in ebay, or have relatives across the country that you ship items to, then you are familiar with the challenges of packaging and shipping.

You want the item to arrive the same way you packaged it, but you don't want to spend a mortgage payment on stuffing and boxing the item. You may be, along with many others, concerned about the landfill effects of packaging peanuts, or you may simply just not like to use them.

Here's an alternative idea I honestly haven't considered fully, but on the surface seems like a good one. Why can't we use actual popcorn for a replacement to packing peanuts? Popcorn is light and fluffy. They have some expansion qualities that are similar to packing peanuts. You can pour them around the item just like peanuts. When you are finished using them, you can simply throw them onto the compost pile...or the yard to let the birds eat them...or eat them yourself if you really like popcorn. :)

One down side I can see is, under humid conditions, the popcorn may become a little soggy. Also, be sure to use the non-flavored, non-buttered kind as grandma might not appreciate getting a lap full drippings on her Christmas present next year.

What do you think?


  1. LOVE the idea of greener shipping, but I can imagine this might also encourage unwelcome stowaways to arrive at grandma's as well. Would a plastic packaging outside the popcorn make your efforts null and void?

  2. Maybe restrict the use to overnight or 2 day deliveries, maybe it would cut down on the critters.

  3. I am trying this to send a package to England. But I filled plastic bags with popcorn (re-used shopping bags) and packed them around the item. Wish me luck!

  4. Hi Linda, let us know how it goes!

  5. I really love your method of packaging. I'll try it when I'll send presents to my parents. I was using Rushessay to make my packages safe during transportation but you method is more environmentally friendly.