January 26, 2010

Rental car insurance at 1AM

On Sunday we returned from our adventure into California's worst storm in 20 years. Despite the bad weather, the wedding I was honored to be a part of went really well. While out there, I discovered some interesting tidbits about life and business. Over the coming days, I'll talk about several things I observed.

Flying into San Diego, staying in Newport Coast and then needing to be in Pasadena on Saturday...well, that meant we needed a rental. We didn't have a preference for any particular company, but we decided on Alamo because we had a free day coupon.

As the dialogue occurred with the man behind the counter, a very annoying event occured. He asked a question that still baffles me how we were deceived so quick. We certainly believe it was purposeful and meant to try and sell a product. He asked, "would you like collision or liability?" TONE INTERJECTED HERE FOR CLARITY. It was asked in such a way that said..."here are your options and they are this option or that option". If not for Papa keeping his keen ear, we would've chose one of those two options and paid for coverage we didn't want. In reality, though, you're not required to purchase either of those options when you rent a vehicle.

I'm not getting into the debate of whether or not you need these coverages on your rental purchase. I'll leave that for you to decide. What we were perturbed with was how purposeful it seemed. And this told us, somewhere in the management chain that Alamo made an effort to steer their employees to use this type of trickery.

So, here's an idea for your business. Don't resort to trickery in your sales. Your product will diminished and your company will be tarnished.

Yeah, you could say we were naive, but I'd like to say it was because it 1 AM is past our bedtimes. What the man behind the counter should have said was, "you can choose these or choose none." If he has said it this way, we would have left with the utmost confidence in this Alamo branch, but because of the deception, we are likely not to use them again.

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