January 2, 2010

A sweetened coffee with 200 fewer calories.

Yesterday's topic was a little heavy and maybe a bit hard to swallow. So today I'm pouring over the topic of coffee.

I love coffee. NO...I LOVE COFFEE. I had my first cup of coffee in high school as a way to stay warm in winter. Throughout college I used the drug as a way to stay awake. When my first son was born, and I stayed home with him, I used it as a way to stay warm and stay awake. Now, its simply one of my vices. I've been drinking, on average, 10 cups a day for the last 6 years.

My favorite coffee is the Maxwell House Master Blend and I like it with a little bit of sugar. The problem, though, is with 1 teaspoon of sugar in every cup of coffee I drank, I was consuming an extra 250 calories a day.

So I came up with a way to cut down on my calories, while at the same time, preserving that slightly sweet coffee that I love to sip. I began putting 1 heaping "tablespoon" of sugar in the coffee grounds and let the sugar brew with the coffee. It works surprisingly well and tastes like liquid heaven. Now I consume a little less than 50 calories of sugar in my coffee every day.

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