February 18, 2010

Butts create bridge for your cash strapped city?

Is your city strapped for cash? Have you seen your school funding cut by x-amount of dollars? Is the mayor looking for a way to fund a new economic development project?

Here's a an idea that could solve all those money woes...actually enforce the littering laws, and particularly enforce them on those who chuck their cigarette butts anywhere except a trash can.

We've all seen it. People have this urge to chuck their butts as much as they have the urge to smoke. Out the window of the car, chucked onto any grassy knoll, and don't get me started about what can be found at the beach.

It is estimated that 4.5 trillion cigarette butts, worldwide, end up as litter each year. If each of those were to carry a fine, holy junk thats a lot of revenue.

In my town there is a $50 fine for littering for each offense. If we lowball an estimate of 2000 butts chucked and fined each year, that $100000 in additional municipal revenue.

Understandably this is a short term fix or a bridge, but its a solution that is already written into law and simply needs to be enforced.

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  1. not to mention that if people quit smoking because they were being penalized for their trash, then our state would save a lot of money on medical expenses long run. healthy takes a little more investment up front, but it pays off ten fold over the long run.