February 14, 2010

Hockey game etiquette and the cowardly lion.

Its amazing what you can learn at a hockey game.

This past Friday night, some guys from church and I went to a hockey game in Indianapolis. The Indiana Ice were hosting the Des Moines Buccaneers at the Pepsi Coliseum. Apparently, its okay to have a venue's speaker volume be loud enough to physically hurt a person's ears. The music was so loud that we couldn't speak with the very people we came with. So here's an idea for anyone running a venue or an event. Check your decibel level. Check it on a kid, check it on an average man, and check it on the elderly. If the bullhorn in front of you is quieter than the music your trying to entertain a croud with, then your volume is too loud.

The next thing I learned at the hockey game was the new etiquette a person uses toward a visiting team. Apparently, your not supposed to yell or heckle the opposing team's player when they are in the penalty box. There were 3, 60-something ladies, sitting directly behind the visiting teams penalty box. Each time an Ice fan sitting behind them began heckling the player being penalized, these ladies would look back, as if to say..."stop that, you're hurting this player's feelings."

And lastly, and again, apparently, the new definition of beauty for women aged 60 and older is the lion from the Wizard of Oz. No kidding. Their lips are so puffed that they can't close them by shutting their jaw. But this must be beautiful because I'm seeing it more and more. I'm seriously considering asking my wife to get this procedure done, because I don't want her to lose any self-esteem by not looking like the cowardly lion.

So, the next time your go to a hockey game, swing by the plastic surgeon first, grab a set of earplugs and be as quiet as possible when you get there.

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