February 16, 2010

Mouse just quit working.

Have you ever experienced a time when your mouse just quit! You know, you move the mouse, but the pointer doesn't move. The little light underneath the mouse stays on, but nothing...absolutely nothing. So you think to yourself, lets try plugging the mouse into another USB port...nothing. So you tell yourself, maybe if I stick in my flashdrive, I can get a better idea of whats going on...nothing.

Don't fret!

If you search online for "usb ports not working" or "mouse just quit working" or "usb peripherals stopped in windows 7" you'll find a lot of garbage and hard to understand instructions about the device manager and reinstalling your operating system. Its garbage! Don't buy any product and don't go the complicated route first.

I found one little idea about 15 minutes ago that would have saved me the last 3 hours of frustration. I'm resharing it because its so valuable.

1. Turn off your computer.
2. Pull out all your USB peripherals(mice, flashdrives, ipods, etc).
4. Now go get a cup of coffee or tea.
5. Turn your computer back on and check to see if the mouse works.
6. If it still doesn't work, try the complicated suggestions of those other guys.

For some reason, the power charger has something to do with how the USB ports function. So by pulling the cord, something inside either resets or wipes out the USB information that is causing the hang. Best of luck.

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