February 2, 2010

No ringtone voicemail message feature.

Here's an idea that could be called "I don't want to bother you, but I didn't want to forget to tell you" voicemail message feature. Okay, so I'm not great at coming up with names.

I know I've ran into a few instances where I'd like to leave a quick voice message for someone, without having to ring their phone and get into a conversation. Kind of a backend voicemail contact. They aren't bothered by the ring, and yet you are able to communicate your message.

Many might be asking, well "why don't you just text them?" Believe it or not, there are those of us that don't text all that often and find it cumbersome to communicate that way. It would take us 10 minutes to text the message, versus 30 seconds in leaving a voicemail.

This feature has been talked about by others for a few years now. Doing a quick google search will reveal how unprofound this idea is, but will also reveal some clues to the market potential.

One overarching problem I could see in having this type of feature on your phone. SPAMMERS. I can only imagine if your number gets put onto the spammers hotline. You know how that part of the story goes.


  1. This might depend on your provider, but my voicemail (fondly called Marcia) offers several choices after I have listened to a message, one of which is to reply to it. Rarely have I used this, as I LOVE texting, but I have pushed that option and been directed to the sender's voicemail to do just what you suggest.

    Obviously, this is only helpful if you happen to have a saved message from the person, and it might be that you both must have the same provider. Mine is Verizon, should yours happen to be, and you want to try it out.

  2. I don't save message either. I love having nothing in my inbox. Your idea would be easy to implement though. I could save messages from my favorite folks...like you...and then reply whenever I want.

    You're in danger of becoming a regular, Jess. I love it.

  3. i have used a similar feature on my at&t phone a few years back. if i was in a verbal fight with someone and didn't want to talk to them directly but needed to pass on info, i could record it through my voicemail and then send it on a number and it would go directly to their voicemail without ringing. i'm not sure if that still works as i've not had a reason to try it. I also think that it only worked for voicemails not regular phones.

  4. back at Purdue in the dorms we could call directly to the voice mail box... of course KEvin & i would use this to leave long inane voice mails as Justin would call it... or play sound files from the simpsons... etc etc