February 17, 2010

What kind of church goer are you? - Part 2

Do you wake up on Sundays with a fresh step. A bounce almost. You have this urgency to get there. You have this feeling that you are about to experience the grandest of Holy Spirit. You walk in and have the biggest smile on your face. You find your seats somewhere in the first few rows. Your heart begins to pound as the lights dim and music begins to play. You think to yourself..."how wonderful it would be to feel this way all week".

After a mesmerizing worship, the preaching begins with a challenge. The Bible is opened to the book of Something. And you're immediately convicted by the illustration the pastor gives. You shout out an "AMEN". At the end of preaching, the service ends in prayer and you, as you walk, out have this new charge to be the pursuer of God, He wants you to be.

But then the lines are long at Walmart as you are to prepare a meal for some friends from church. As you are racing home, grandma and her dog are driving about 24 miles below the speed limit...then you miss the light as grandma goes right through. "Bleeping, bleep!!" you shout!

If situations like this occur more often than not, I would contend that church for you is a "rock concert". You go for the spectacle, the entertainment. You go to church because of the way it makes you "feel". But as soon as church is over, you cling to your old worn out pair of shoes rather than putting on the flip-flops of God. You choose to let life get in the way of that charge you left church with. Is church a spectacle to you?


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