March 22, 2010

Comedian Scott Gregory made Saturday Night funny.

Ever heard of Scott Gregory? No? What about Scott Gregory, the comedian? Still nothing? What about Scott Gregory, the christian comedian? Come on, still? What about Scott Gregory, the Christian comedian that makes you laugh about hockey players holding hands and squeezing toothpaste from the bottom? Okay, okay, okay, so you haven't heard of him. I hadn't either until Saturday night, when Scott came to MDL Coffee on the south side of the square.

Scott's original brand of comedy gave the intimate crowd of 25 a great show. He mixed into his routine stories about family life, a little marketing and a twist of potty humor, and every bit of it was funny. He was very quiet at times during the show, but there were moments he delivered his message like we were all sitting on the other side of the square...which made it even more fun.

In the past, Scott has opened for acts like Jeff Foxworthy, Tim Allen and Paula Poundstone...but if you ask him what he most appreciates out of that time in his life, I'd bet their names wouldn't come a close second. During a personal moment in his act, Scott shared about the struggles and temptations of the comedy life and how it left him...well, I tell you what...this part you should ask him about. Here's his website

I love this city, but everyone knows that the sidewalks get "pulled up" after 6pm. Last night, though, was a clear exception to this description. I left MDL last night very pleased that I'd had a good cup of coffee and an evening of laughter. It was one of those nights that surprised me!

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