May 27, 2010

Looking to sell domains to end users.

I'm looking to sell a few of my domains to "end users". I'm certainly willing to accept offers from lowballers out there, but be mindful...I'm willing to sit on a few of these names because I know there is potential in them. None of these sites have any traffic, all you'd be getting is the name and the potential behind them.

Honestly, I'm also looking to build relationships with a good domain name broker who is willing to give honest constructive advice as to the value behind the names I own.

For those who follow this blog, but don't know what end users are..."end users" are the folks who will purchase these domain names or website names and actually do something constructive with them. I am currently just sitting on them, with ideas on how to develop them, but no time to invest.

Good end users are folks who have an idea for a business, but maybe not the best brandable name. Good end users are the ones who know how to make money off the brandability of a website name.

Also, for those not interested in purchasing, I'd also like to hear some suggestions on what these names could be used for. Like "Spectics.Com" I've always thought would make a good sunglass company website.

Here's my list...

What are your suggestions for each of these domains?

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