September 11, 2010

New domain name picked up -

I've been considering a redo of my DailyBlueberry website. As with all of my other projects, it has a true lack of good marketing. I think its a good concept, with a potential audience that is unlimited.

I really like the name DailyBlueberry.Com. It has a feel of a modern paper, has an air of lightheartedness, but also speaks to the health of an individual.

Anyway, along with the consideration of a redo, I went searching for potential new names for the DailyBlueberry. I'm not certain of the change, but I try to cover my bases. One name I found was "".

There are a couple of influences this name has going for it. Its short, 5 letters are becoming increasingly rare. Its a ".com", which is still the most desired extension. It can easily be remembered...."be moved." It also has the potential for resale.

If anyone has interest in this name let me know.

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