January 7, 2011

Time to revisit an old website idea. Everysecond.Info

In August of 2007, I began working on a concept website that broke statistics down to seconds.  There were many websites out there at the time who gathered statistics, but none of them were fashioning them down to a recognizable time frame like the second.  The first installation of the concept was called "in1second.com".  I had gathered statistics on a few items ranging from amount of money spent by the federal government..in 1 second, to how much money was spent on porn...in 1 second.  That second one raised a few eyebrows. 

I had put the project aside to work on some other things, but always kept the concept in my head.  I picked it back up again, and renamed it http://www.everysecond.info.  I hired someone to help do research, adding several more statistics, updated the graphics, etc.  Then it got shelved again because I couldn't focus so much time on a website that wasn't making an income for me and my family.  But I always kept the concept in my head.

Doing a little google searching this afternoon, I discovered that maybe the idea is catching on.  Here is a list of few of the citations http://www.everysecond.info has received...

A turkish( I think ) newspaper used everysecond.info in January 2010

Everysecond.info was used in a poverty publication in August 2010.

Most recently a gentleman from The Plain Dealer in Cleveland has used these statistics in one of his articles.

So maybe its time to pick the idea back up.  I need to find some more help.  Got to go.

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