August 3, 2011

Stop licking your fingers and then the fruit.

Okay, so this one is a little silly, but the idea has merit after hearing stories of E.coli on shopping carts and grocery bags and produce.

Now, most everyone knows that E.coli comes from unsanitary circumstances including babies in diapers and "old enoughs" not washing their hands like we've all been told.

Here's the setup. So, you're beeboppping through the produce section and you spot some red delicious apples you're ready to pick. What do you do? You grab one of those plastic bags off the role, you lick your fingers, you open the bag, you sort through 8 or so and then you pick your produce. STOP RIGHT THERE...HOLD UP. Did you read what I said? "You lick your sort through 8 or so." Now imagine the hapless father with the dirty diaper kid doing the same thing, or the old lady who smells like her 87 cats doing the same thing...sorting through after licking their fingers. YUUUCCCKKK! Time for a hand-sanitizing and tongue scrub break. Meet back here in 2 minutes.

Okay, good, you're back. Here's a really simple idea that could save supermarkets money by not having to purchase those "moist wells", save shoppers from having to lick and touch, and save us all the medical expenses associated with bad supermarket hygiene.

After pulling the plastic bag off the role, or off the rack if you're a bagger, simply touch one of the hundreds of grocery items that are already moist, and then open your bag. Fruits, vegetables, milk, frozen anything will all be moist.

Now you can't make the hapless father or cat lady follow this same rule, and there's no guarantee you won't still be carrying small amounts of their germs, but at least you won't be carrying it on your tongue.

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  1. It's a nice advice! In my opinion you should write more about it