August 16, 2012

Favorite quotes from "Answer to Conformity"

I typically don't follow a train of topics when it comes to reading books.  My reading list the last 2 years has consisted of finding a books at a yard sale or antique mall.  I'll usually start reading them on a vacation and finish them a month later.  My recent read is no exception, as I had found it at an antique mall in Colorado. It was called "Answer to Conformity", written by Perry Epler Gresham.

I won't do a review of all my comments, but I wanted to share the medley of quotes that I found interesting.

Pg 30 - "As nations attempt to play God in the lives of people by offering the security of welfare and asking the absolute devotion of their constituent peoples, they are going beyond the bounds of appropriate functions."

Pg 35 - "When a person has unused abilities, he accumulates unlived life."

Pg 59 - "A genuine appetite for righteousness is the basis for managing guilt."

Pg 60 - "The divine resource of the Father in heaven who loves sinners and forgives their sins is the ultimate security of everyman."

Pg 62 - "It is good to possess as much of the world's goods as one can if his sense of responsibility matches his holdings."

Pg 72 - "...the person who takes the initiative tends to develop the stronger emotion."

Pg 101 - "Plain living and high thinking are the scholarly ideals available alike to prince and pauper."

Pg 104 - "The present tendency to take the responsibility for management of economic security away from the individual and the family and give it to the state has a tendency to rob persons of the very qualities of self-reliance that give them the human dignity which ennobles man."

Pg 110 - "The attitude with which one approaches sleep is very important.  A clear conscience is just as essential as a comfortable mattress; spiritual trust is as necessary as physical weariness."

Pg 111 - "Henry Ward Beecher gave his preaching a practical turn when he said, 'There are many troubles you cannot cure by the Bible and hymn book, but you can cure by a good perspiration and a breath of fresh air.'"

Pg 118 - "Enough energy to tackle any situation should be the common lot, but the average person lacks the will or power to translate his knowledge into redeeming action."

Pg 124 - "A hobby is anything we go goofy about to keep from going nuts about things in general." Unknown Author

Pg 137 - "Singleness of purpose, giving emphasis to a major goal which subordinates all minor goals, is the path to inner peace and outer integrity."

Pg 141 - "To overestimate one's power and position brings on Promethean tragedy.  To underrate oneself limits achievement and prevents self-realization."

Pg 143 - "Until a person begins to organize his activities toward a projected goal, he merely daydreams in the midst of his several personalities."

Pg 149 - "The parent who can love without coddling, nurture without domination, guide without coercing, develop without forcing, inpsire, encourage and set a good example is rare.  Yet everyone who has a child must face up to this tremendous demand."

Pg 156 - "Lavish love is vastly more important than the lavish gift."

Pg 159 - "Church families much less frequently run aground on the rocks of divorce."
I saved this quote only for its pure falsehood today.

Pg 171 - "Unfortunately many potential radiant personalities are blighted by preoccupation with their shortcomings and feelings of inferiority until the possible person is never actualized."

Pg 182 - "The person who has honestly faced the possibility is somewhat better prepared to meet the eventuality."


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